WWROF to Ensure Continuation of Contest Webinars

A relatively new area of innovation in contesting has been the excellent Web-based seminar offerings (Webinars) that were the brainchild of Ken Claerbout, K4ZW, and the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC). Beginning in 2009, PVRC launched what has become a popular series of informational presentations featuring a variety of experts describing facets of contesting in real time to a live audience made up of contesting enthusiasts.

In recent months, the ongoing financial burden required to continue this invaluable service has resulted in WWROF stepping in to provide support needed to carry the effort forward. With the program now financially sound, WWROF has already launched its first Webinar and plans to deliver the highly acclaimed CQWW update in about a week, attracting hundreds of live participants. As in the past, all Webinars allow for an interactive Q&A capability, which will be invaluable given the recent changes in the CQWW contest including its leadership under new director, Randy Thompson, K5ZD, and a WWROF director.

Looking forward, the WWROF plans to sponsor about 10 Webinars per year focused on a wide range of topics that appeal to the needs of contest operators from around the world. As the planning continues, WWROF will provide more information as well as collect your input on future areas of interest. Archived versions of WWROF-sponsored Webinar sessions can be found on our Web site.

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