WWROF Provides Grant for Log Checking Server

The WWROF has provided a $4,500 grant for the acquisition of a new server for use by the CQ family of contests.  The server is the critical infrastructure for hosting the CQ contest web sites, the log receiving robot, and the log checking software.

According to CQ WW Contest Director Randy Thompson, K5ZD, “The old server was no longer able to handle the growing number of CQ WW logs. We needed more capability to continue making log checking improvements and help the team of volunteer log checkers work more efficiently. This new server should handle our needs until the next sunspot peak.”

Thanks to Dave Pascoe KM3T for providing the work needed to install the new server and reinstall the necesary software.

Funds for the grant were made possible by donations from amateur radio contesters around the world. The recent funding of CQ Contest certificates and the server have lowered the pool of funds available. If you enjoy the CQ Contests, please make a contribution.

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