Reflecting on Dayton 2019 and the best Worldwide Radio Operator Foundation Board meeting ever. In 2009 a handful of old hams thought things could be better:

WWROF is dedicated to improving the skills of amateur radio operators around the world, utilizing education, competition, advancement of technology and scientific research, promoting international friendship and goodwill, and preparing them to better serve society in times of communication need.

We founded our organization to contribute solutions. Without drawing attention to itself as the focus, 10 years later WWROF continues to plug away at a lot of unglamorous stuff, silently making radio operating more complete for a lot of radio people. Because of our work: emergencies get managed, data gets served, radiosport exercises get hosted and their outcomes adjudicated, and radio operator accomplishments get acknowledge and recognized by peers, to name a few of the things that hum along silently, thanks to our supporters, and those activities we support in turn.

I hope these are things that are important to you. I hope you want to make a difference. Feel free to contact me N5OT@wwrof.org, or any member of the WWROF Board, to talk about ideas or questions you may have. I’ll talk about radio any time!

Mark Beckwith, N5OT
Board of Directors
Worldwide Radio Operators Foundation

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