Hamvention QSO Party

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The Dayton Hamvention for 2020 has been cancelled. WWROF, in cooperation with the Hamvention organizers, wanted to create a fun way for people to celebrate the Hamvention experience over the air – the Hamvention QSO Party.

In memory of Ron, W8ILC, who became a silent key just two days after the Hamvention 2020 cancellation announcement. Ron had attended every Hamvention since the beginning.

This is a 12 hour fun event on Saturday of Hamvention May 16, 2020.

Object: To celebrate the Dayton Hamvention by working as many Amateur stations as possible during the QSO Party period.

Contest period: 8 AM to 8 PM EDST (1200 to 2400 UTC), May 16, 2020

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters CW and SSB – You can work the same station once per band mode (12 QSOs possible with same station).

Exchange: Signal report and first year you attended Hamvention. If you have never attended Hamvention send “2020”.

Entry Categories: Only single operator entries – you may use assistance such as the cluster and the reverse beacon network (RBN). No self-spotting.

There are three power levels:

  • QRP – no more than 5 watts
  • Low Power – No more than 100 watts
  • High Power – no more than 1500 watts.

Scoring: Score is number of QSOs + bonus points = final score. There are no multipliers.

Special bonus points:

W8BI, the club call of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA is the host of Hamvention), will be activated by DARA members from their home stations. You can add 10 points for each band/mode QSO with W8BI (12 available). You can earn up to 120 bonus points (this is like having 120 additional QSOs).

To Enter: Post your score at 3830scores.com within 5 days of the event (May 21, 2020). No logs are required.

Awards: An electronic participation certificate will be available to all stations that post a score before the deadline. Send an email to k3lr@k3lr.com to request your certificate.

Logging Software: The Hamvention QSO Party is supported by the following:

N1MM Plus  https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/ (HVQP is a User Defined Contest. See info at https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/manual-supported/contests-setup/setup-udc-contests/#hamvention-qso-party-hvqp to help with setup.)

EI5DI SD http://www.ei5di.com/

N3FJP – Use RAC contest  http://www.n3fjp.com/news/news2020-04-23.html

Win-Test – Use the RAC contest http://www.win-test.com/

Questions: Contact Tim Duffy, K3LR, k3lr@k3lr.com