Cabrillo Change Log

History of changes made to the Cabrillo specification.

Date Comments
2018-03-13 Added contest names:
2016-11-30 Added contest name: ARRL-222.
2016-11-18 Changed bands: 119G to 123G, 142G to 134G.
2016-06-14 Added FM to list of modes for CATEGORY-MODE header field.
2016-05-09 Added 4M to list of bands. This is for 70 MHz used by some European contests.
2016-03-17 Added ARRL-RR-PH, ARRL-RR-DIG, ARRL-RR-CW, and ARRL-SCR to the list of contests
2015-09-21 Clarified specification to allow multiple OPERATOR lines.
2015-09-17 Added DL-DX-RTTY and DRCG-WW-RTTY to list of contest names.
2015-07-21 NAQP template changed by request of NAQP manager to show ex2: Two letter QTH designation for W/VE, DX prefix for non-W/VE in NA, DX for outside NA
2014-08-21 WWROF assumes administration of Cabrillo specification.
2014-06-24 Added CERTIFICATE: tag.
2009-07-08 Added
tags to help automate contest mailings.Thanks K5ZD, K1EA, W5GN and others.
2009-05-29 Added more UHF bands to CATEGORY-BANDS per KX9X.
2006-09-25 Added EMAIL: tag — by popular demand.
2006-02-29 Support added for RDXC. (Thanks UA9CDC and RW1AC)
2006-02-29 Exploded CATEGORY tag into multiple tags:
CATEGORY-TIME.ARRL-SECTION is now deprecated in favor of LOCATION.Made SCHOOL a station attribute rather than an operator attribute.
2006-02-29 Changed band designations in VHF contest to use G for all GHz bands, such as 75G for 75 GHz, etc.
2006-02-29 Begin support for Cabrillo 3.0.
2004-02-26 Corrected band designations in VHF contest (902 for 902 MHz and 75 for 75 GHz).
2003-03-11 Support added for JIDX Contest. One sample log added. (Thanks JE1CKA)
2003-01-08 Support added for RSGB Islands on the Air Contest. One sample log added. (Thanks G3XTT and EI5DI)
2003-01-02 Support added for KH7X (KH6ND, op) (@KH7R) abstraction —
2002-10-15 Support added for DARC Worked All Europe. Three sample logs added. Thanks DL6RAI and DL8WPX/YB1AQS.
2002-10-15 On/off-time support added. Thanks DL6RAI and DL8WPX/YB1AQS.
2002-10-15 Unclaimed QSO support requested by DL6RAI and DL8WPX/YB1AQS but deferred until XML version of Cabrillo.
2002-10-10 Support added for OCEANIA-DX. (Thanks ZL1AZE)
2002-08-03 Letter codes for VHF bands deprecated. Only number codes should be used.
2002-06-11 Clarified ARRL VHF Contest template. RS(T) should not be included in the log.
2001-08-20 Added AP-SPRINT and example log.
2000-12-05 Added CREATED-BY: field so software authors can
indicate which version of code generated the file.
2000-08-28 Added ARRL-UHF-AUG.
2000-01-31 Cabrillo FAQ created.
ARRL VHF Contest example added.
California QSO Party support withdrawn.
Added additional designations for VHF/UHF bands.
1999-12-07 Added TARA-RTTY, NAQP-RTTY.
1999-10-23 STEW-PERRY added as supported contest.
OVER-50 added as category overlay for STEW-PERRY.
HQ added as overlay for IARU. (Thanks N6TR)
1999-08-17 SCHOOL-CLUB added as an operator-category for Sweepstakes.
1999-08-16 Cabrillo V2.0 recognized by ARRL and CQ.