WWROF announces improvements for contest web sites

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (“WWROF”), a non-profit donor-supported organization, is pleased to announce the completion of a major redesign project for the contest web sites that it maintains and operates on behalf of the contest community.  These sites include:







The new design is intended to be more responsive for viewing on limited screen size devices such as tablets and smart phones.  All sites now offer a historical database of contest results where you can view scoring records and search results by callsign, operator, or geographic region. Online certificates are provided for recent years for all contests.

We hope everyone enjoys the sites and that they enrich your contesting experience. For more information about WWROF, or to make a donation, please visit http://wwrof.org.


HELP WANTED: WWROF is looking for someone with HTML5, PHP, and MySQL programming skills to help with the maintenance and continued improvement of the sites.  If you feel that you may be qualified and want to help, please contact Randy, K5ZD, at k5zd@contesting.com.





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K3LR – Contest University 2017 & Dayton Contest Activities

Tim Duffy, K3LR, provides a look at contest activities at Dayton 2017.

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2BSIQ Two Bands Synchronized Interleaved QSO’s

Jose Nunes, CT1BOH, explains the concept of operating two bands, using synchronized, interleaved QSO’s.

Slides are available at – 2BSIQ-20170331


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N4IS – Waller Flag Construction

N4IS looks at lowband receive principles and construction of the Horizontal Waller Flag




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Solar Topics – Where We’re Headed

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When Giants First Walked the Bands

Replay of a 9/9/2009 Webinar by Doug Zwiebel KR2Q


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Dayton 2016 – Contest Activities

Tim Duffy K3LR showcases Contest University (CTU) and other contest related activities at Dayton 2016.


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High Performance RX Antennas for a Small Lot

Jose Carlos (JC), N4IS, will look at basic concepts of RX antennas and share his experiences with lowband RX antennas on a small lot, including the Waller Flag.



WWROF WEBNAIR RX Antennas for a Small Lot

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Design Issues for a VHF-UHF Solid State RF Power Amplifier

Carl K9LA will deviate from his usual presentations on propagation and solar topics to discuss design issues for a 50 Watt VHF-UHF solid state RF power amplifier. This is not a construction project, but rather a presentation of notes gathered from his 41-year career as an RF design engineer for Motorola and Raytheon.


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Team W4AAW Totally Remote Multi-Multi Contesting

How in the world did a M/M contest station deliver a top ten finish with no operators in the shack? Team W4AAW has taken remote operation to the next level, fully automated M/M contesting. There’s even a zero-cost client option. We’ll explain how we did this, give you a taste of what it’s like to operate a M/M station remotely, and tell how you can join us in exploring this new frontier in amateur radio contesting.

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